Useful Tips for Styling Abstract Art Pieces in Your Home

Are you looking for the perfect art piece to decorate your blank wall? Abstract art prints may be a versatile solution for you!

There are no rules for abstract art as it can come in various mediums such as paint, illustrations, graphic art, collage, or even photography. Abstract art doesn’t represent reality, making them exciting pieces that take on different meanings depending on how the viewer perceives them.

If done right, adding abstract canvas wall art to your interiors is a great way to generate an emotional reaction or even start a conversation. The concepts and feelings it portrays are open for interpretation.

In this article, we will run through how you can integrate abstract art into your home in a harmonious and styled way.

wall art abstract print 6th dimension

6th Dimension – Print


Be Aware of the Feeling It Generates

As intimidating as it sounds, you don’t need a Fine Arts background to know how an abstract art piece makes you feel. Just by gut feeling, you can tell whether a work is calm or loud. Some pieces work best as a complement to another or as a standalone.

Consider these factors when deciding where to put a piece and whether you add multiple pieces or one central element to a room.

wall art print in frame

3D Helix – Print


Tie the Colours to Your Interiors

Due to its lack of realistic imagery, you can focus more on the colour and emotion a piece invokes when choosing where to place it. Consider the artwork’s tones and see if these complement the existing colour palette in your room.

Monochromatic abstract pieces can accent the dark features in your room, such as furniture items or your windows. For pieces with many different colours, you can just pick one or two standout colours that tie to your interiors instead of trying to match everything. Use one of these colours as primary and another as an accent.

wall art above bed matching colour scheme

A Quiet Reflection – Print

Be Aware of Accent Colors

Accent colours refer to the ones used sparingly but consistently to create an overall theme. You can make your room complement the piece by adding some details in the same shade as the accent colour in your piece.

These details can include a few cushions, flowers, or pots that match the accent colour and create a cohesive theme.

wall art print in frame above couch

Altis 2 – Print

Consider the Size of the Piece

A rule to live by when styling is to fill up any space you have. A small piece of artwork on a large blank wall will create too much negative space. Instead, you can hang the small painting in a small corner or area, which helps integrate the artwork into its surroundings.

Making use of large pieces can help make your space feel larger. Go as big as you can to impact the scale of the room.

wall art print canvas in frame sitting on floor

Wall Pastiche 1A – Print


Styling your room with an abstract art piece is a great way to make a space more attractive. If styled right, you can come up with a cohesive and harmonious environment. Whether your abstract piece is a framed wall art or a large canvas painting, there is an ideal space for it in your home.

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